Choosing houses for sale in Uganda

If you are looking for houses for sale in Uganda, we recommend you first decide on the type of house you want for yourself and your family. This is because people put most of their life saving into buying their dream property. Real estate properties are not cheap, so before investing a handsome amount of money into something as valuable you need to be sure about your decision before going through with it. Considering Uganda located on the earth’s equator receives the harshest sunlight, the orientation of the houses is recommended to be west-facing

How to identify the orientation of your house?

This is easy. While looking at the houses for sale in Uganda notice if your main door, entrance, or driveway is facing in the west direction your house is oriented towards the west. You must be wondering if it’s even relevant to bother about the orientation of the house in the first place. Well yes, because the orientation is what determines the amount of natural light coming through the windows and doors. The position of the house determines how the sun rotates around the axis of the house. Someone living in a cold climate, would not prefer a west house because of its orientation and vice versa.

5 Reasons to choose a West-facing house

1. If you are a serious admirer of tempting sunsets then west facing house is your dream house. The orientation and direction of the house are such that the sun sets on it at dusk. Blessing the residents with extremely alluring sunsets every day.

2. The soft morning sun shining into your room is what makes west facing house so popular. The sun shines on the back side of the house i.e., east facing early in the morning.

3. While the rooms in the front of the house have little to no light shone on them. Making it perfect for the morning as well as evening people.

4. It is ideal for hot climates because of the minimum UV ray coming into the house, keeping the indoors cooler than the outdoors.

5. Since the back of the house is where you get the most bright sunlight allows you to dry your laundry at back of your house, or take a sun bath enjoying your privacy.

These tips should aid you to choose a house for sale in Uganda for your family. An important tip to remember while looking to invest in a real estate property is that the real estate agent should be reliable. Get your papers verified for their authenticity by your trusted lawyer and demand to see the official lease for the land the building or the property is built on.

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