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Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home is incredibly amazing, yet challenging at the same time. When a single mistake or overlooking any of the important factors can make you regret purchasing the house. To smoothly buy a place, there are some questions that you need to ask and decisions that you need to make beforehand. It would prepare you for everything that comes along the way.

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5 signs you need a new house

5 Signs That It’s Time to Buy A New Home

There comes a time in your life when you consider moving to a new house or maybe an entirely different city. You would be having reasons for giving such options thought. But it is not a small step to take. Therefore you would want to utterly sure if that’s the road you are willing to take. Here are some reasons that are good enough for you to need to buy a new home to have peaceful days with your family. Any one of the reasons below is enough to boost your decision to take a big step:

Unsafe Neighbourhood

Safety and peace of mind come above everything. They are not luxuries but necessities of life. If you feel or experience that the security of your family is not endangered in the area you live then it is quite certain that you should move to a new place and ensure the safety and prosperity of your loved ones and yourself.

More People, Less Space

Are you planning to get married? Or expecting to welcome a new member to your family? Or your children might be growing up and they need separate rooms. Well, all these things mean that you are perhaps running out of space in your current home. If so, then it is time to upgrade. Find a place big enough for the family.

Need to Downsize

Do you have a house that’s too big for you with empty rooms? Is the maintenance of such large property draining your budget? The simple solution is to sell it out and buy a place that’s more suitable for your needs.

Become a Homeowner

Who doesn’t wishes to be the owner of their home? It is long rendering desire of every individual to put the roof on their family’s head which they own and get rid of the hassle of rents. So, if you have enough budget with yourself, then go ahead, purchase the house or apartment of your dream in your desired location and become a homeowner.

Old Construction is Falling Apart

A 20-25-year-old construction means that a lot of maintenance and even renovation is required in the house. The water and sewerage pipelines would be rusty and leaking, and the electrical ring would need replacement. Rather than spending a huge amount on a renovation, it would be better to purchase a new construction if you can afford it.

HK Properties brings you perfect housing solutions in ideal locations. Get in touch with us and we can help you by the apartment of your dreams with all the standard facilities that you may need.

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2D view of Carnelian Residency

Perks of Living in Carnelian Residency

The quiet and serene Muyenga has beautiful views of the city in the north and Lake Victoria to the south. The well-planned place is lush with natural greenery, making it a perfect choice to settle in. But the real estate in Muyenga is not cheap.

HK Properties, a construction and real estate company in Uganda, has been working with zeal to build Ugandan dreams of owning their home. We tend to provide living options to national and foreign citizens with easy payment plans. We have launched and successfully competed multiple residential projects across the country – including Carnelian Residency in the heart of Bukasa, Muyenga.

Amenities that Provide Convenience

Everyone desires a nice and cozy home where they can live peacefully, raising their kids in a healthy environment. Below you will find several reasons highlighting what makes the Carnelian Residency perfect for you:

Perfect Location with Serene Ambiance

Situated at the prime location in Bukasa, the environment of the residency is quite serene and beautiful. The apartments are spacious with large windows providing immense natural ventilation. The gazebo rooftop lets you enjoy your evenings watching beautiful sunsets.

Recreational Areas for Everyone

We have given thought to both the youths and the adults of the residency and included recreational areas for them. While the children take interest in outdoor games in the Play Area, the adults can pay heed to their health and fitness in the high-tech, fully equipped gymnasium.

Adequate Security Measures

The high parameter wall and the 24/7 CCTV surveillance ensure the security of the compound making it a society safe from trespassers and burglars.

Flexible Payment Plan

Are you worried about the hefty cost of real estate in Muyenga? Well, don’t distress yourself. The Carnelian Residency comprises two and three bedroomed apartments being sold for UGX 210M and UGX 297M respectively. But if you don’t necessarily have to pay all at once. For your ease, we have designed a strategic payment plan that enables clients to pay for their property flexibly within a period of 18 months.

To book an apartment or fix a site visit appointment, get in touch with us here.

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